#Toddharrisonphotos, it's time to lower our carbon shoeprint

Did you know?

Americans throw away more than 70 pounds of textiles each year per person and thea EPA estimates only 15% of textiles are donated or recycled, thanks to our collaboration with S4S, we can help change this together.

We have made it as convenient as possible to donate your old shoes and even clothes so we can help make a difference and reverse this trend.

Whilst helping the planet, your donated shoes or clothing will also support S4S in the various projects they’re undertaking which includes:

  • Providing footwear and clothing for victims of natural disasters as S4S act as second wave responders.
  • Helping S4S divert over 51 million pounds of shoes and clothing out of landfills since 2006.
  • Tackling poverty through the micro-enterprise model shown below.

The word micro-enterprise means "small business" and it's a powerful way to help fight poverty.


New and gently-worn shoes are a resource that individuals who live in extremely poor countries can use to start a small business.

Constant Supply

Because you donate shoes, we can make sure they have a constant supply of quality product. This ensures their business can be sustained long-term.

Real Economic Change

The income the small business owners earn gives them the ability to purchase necessities like food, shelter, and education for their families.

As a retail store that sells shoes, I believe it’s crucial for us to offer a solution for customers to donate their old shoes, this is our responsibility as a retailer, and mine as an owner. One of the best part of making a brand successful is the opportunity to leverage our success to support charities like S4S.

Uzair A, CEO of Koi Footwear

Where to donate your pre-loved shoes:

1. Drop your donation off at your nearest donation point - find them here:


2. Have a Zappos account? If not you can create one and they will ship your donations for FREE. Simply print a label and drop o your box at a UPS collection point:


3. Drop your donation o at any DSW store and earn DSW reward points! - Find your nearest DSW store here:


For more information please visit www.soles4souls.org